Soft Tiles

Decorate and protect your walls at the same time?

Now it’s possible with our new Soft Tiles Wall Bumpers. The Soft Tiles are 2 mm thick foam squares, self-adhesive and modular, perfect to decorate and protect your walls or furniture from impacts or child’s handprints. They are also suitable to protect car doors from bumping against garage walls.

To apply the Soft Tiles just peel off the paper back and stick them with a light pressure onto the wall. For best results, the surface must be smooth, clean and dry. The pattern designs of our Soft Tiles are modular and can be easily combined as desired either placing them side by side or overlapping rows. It’s also possible to cut down to any shape and size with a pair of scissors or sharp cutter.

The Soft Tiles can be wiped with a wet cloth and are easy to remove without damaging the surface. ny remaining mark can be easily removed with a regular rubber.

Each pack contains 8 squares of 300×300 mm, approx. half square meter.

 Size M

3 Sheets: 30×30 cm

Flat Pack: 31,5×34 cm

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