Vinyl Rugs & Runner

A new collection by Crearreda: the true vinyl rugs, perfect for home and not only.

A special assortment of runners and rugs with many patterns which responds to everyone’s taste.

The great alternative to traditional carpets that will give a distinguished, modern and elegant look to your rooms.
Innovative flooring rugs made of high quality vinyl: they are water resistant, hypoallergenic, fireproof, stain-proof, extremely durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth on the printed side.

The perfect decorative solution for giving charme and beauty to your home: you can use our rugs in your kitchen, bathroom, hallway… to fill an entire room, cover worn floorings or protect your parquet.
The true vinyl carpet by Crearreda
–          Hypoallergenic
–          Anti-slip
–          No-toxic
–          Stain-proof
–          Washable
–          Durable

Vinyl Runner

Size: 50×120 / 50×180 / 50x240cm

Vinyl Rugs

Size: 100×100 / 100×150 / 150×150 / 150x230cm

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