Foam Stickers

The real tridimensional effect!

3D Foam Stickers decorations are the most innovative and pioneering range of Wall & Living collection. Destined to rebuild the wall decoration concept, they are the natural evolution of the traditional wall stickers.

Self-adhesives, soft, made of non-toxic material and colorful, the 3D Foam Stickers are made of 3 to 5mm of thickness and have a real tridimensional effect once applied to walls or furniture.

Size L

1 Sheet: 47x70 cm

Flat Pack: 47,5x70 cm

Size M

2 Sheets: 31x31 cm

Flat Pack: 31,5x34 cm

Size S

2 Sheets: 15x31 cm

Flat Pack: 15,5x34 cm

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