Wall Stickers Kids

Colorful and funny walls.

Our Wall Stickers became over time a classic interior decoration. Therefore, we couldn’t miss a dedicated line designed exclusively for kid’s room in order to make it more colorful and funny.

Wall Stickers Kids are suitable for any kind of smooth surface, made with non-toxic material, removable and repositionable material that doesn’t leave any trace of glue on the surface. As for today, these products are available at an affordable cost, in many sizes and a wide range of themes for all the growth stages of your child.

It’s possible to create an adventurous atmosphere with pirates, cars or dinosaurs. For the girls, instead, a romantic space with fairies and princesses from the tales. Lovely bears, flowers and other tender light-colour themes for the baby’s bedroom.

And don’t forget to light up of your child’s night with our glowing stars, a classic throughout all child generations!

 Size XL

2 Sheets: 47x67 cm

Flat Pack: 47,5x70 cm

Size ML

1 Sheet: 22x67 cm

Flat Pack: 22,5x70 cm

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